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Bukhara is the capital of the culture of Islam

At the 9th OIC Conference (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) Bukhara was proclaimed the capital of Islam culture for 2020.

Before that, Cairo and Bamako wore this proud title. But in fact, Bukhara has been the center of Islam for many centuries, not only for Muslims, but for the entire world community. In the world of Islam, this concept was firmly entrenched in such a concept as “Kubbatul Islam”, which means “the dome of Islam” in translation.


Bukhara is the capital of the culture of Islam

The very fact of awarding the status confirms the merits, historical and cultural values ​​of Bukhara for the Islamic world.


Each year, the OIC selects 3 cities among the Arab countries, Africa and Asia, for awarding the great title. The cities, in turn, undertake to conduct cultural and scientific events, in particular, the conference of the ministers of culture of Islamic states.


Beauty Bukhara not only deserves this honor, but also responsibly refers to this title.

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